Initially I began to put this subject on paper and in a spreadsheet form in order to clarify the subject for myself.  A few acquaintances found it useful, and some suggested it could be helpful to others. It is by no means intended to be a comprehensive study of this subject. It will not discuss Nyquist theory. It will not delve into the complications and issues arising from the use of the Bayer pattern filter that is (except for the Sigma D10) universal in current DSLR’s. (And also common in many dedicated microscope cameras as well). It will not get involved in the resolution variation possible if different wavelengths of monochromatic light are used. All these topics, and more, are all important and worthy of discussion, and they do have an impact on this subject. However, they go beyond the scope of my intentions here.

Hopefully this piece will fill the middle ground between useless simplicity, and a treatment that goes into such detail that it causes many peoples eyes to glaze over.

Any errors in the nomenclature and information presented, or any mangling of the English language, are regretted. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or comments. Please try to keep my stated intention in mind. I would like this information to be accurate and easily understood.

Charles Krebs
May 12, 2006